*Appeared in the series
*Toy form only
*Has Japanese counterpart
*Only one appeared in the series
*Another version

Season One Fall 93

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*[2200] 8 inch Rangers - original super poseable figures - Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, Kimberly.
*[2210] 8 inch Evil Space Aliens Series One - Squatt, Goldar, Baboo, King Sphinx

**[2260] Deluxe Megazord - Five Dinozords combine into the Megazord: Tyrannosaurus, Pterodactly, Triceratops, Sabertooth Tiger, Mastodon.
**[2270] Deluxe Dragonzord - Electronic lights and sounds. Includes 8 inch Green Ranger.
**[2240] Deluxe Titanus - Carrier Zord with rolling action.

**[2220] 9" Megazord - smaller size and with detachable zord legs, sword and mastodon shield. Fists projectile out.

**[2255] Power Blaster - Five child size weapons combine into Power Blaster: Daggers, Bow, Sword, Axe, Lance. (Came out Spring 1995) **[2230] Battle Bikes - Three motorcycles with sidecars, includes 4 inch figure: Black, Blue, Red Rangers. Did not appear in the series and did in Zyuranger.

**[2250] Morpher and Blade Blaster (on the box: Power Gun/Sword) - Electronic lights and sounds, with five power coins. The Blade Blaster in the Japanse Version was white instead of black.
**[2251] Dragon Dagger - Replica of Green Ranger's weapon, with electronic sounds.

Season One Spring 94

*[2210] 8 inch Evil Space Aliens - Bones, Finster and Putty Patrol

*[2300] PVC Figurines Series One - Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Alpha 5, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Goldar, King Sphinx, Finster, Baboo and Squatt

**[2261] Special Edition Deluxe Megazord - Every year in Japan, there is always a special black and gold version of the first megazord or combination. This is the only known American version. Came out Spring 94.

Remote Control Deluxe Megazord - Item Number not known.