• Kamen Rider ZO

    1993 | Movie
    Due to an experiment by Doctor Mochizuki, Masaru Aso has become Kamen Rider ZO and now it is now up to him to save Mochizuki's son Hiroshi and stop the evil Neo Origanism, a project that has gone out of control.

  • Kamen Rider ZX

    1984 | Movie
    Kamen Rider ZX first appears in a TV special and did not have his own TV series. He fights along with the other Kamen Riders against the Badan Empire.

  • Kamen Rider The Next

    2007 | Movie

  • Kamen Rider G

    2009 | TV Special

  • Kamen Rider The First

    2005 | Movie


  • Deathryuger
  • Kyoryu Cyan Female