Clare, Shining Moon Warrior
Clare, Gatekeeper
Clare is the bumbling apprentice of Udonna. Although she messes up almost every spell she attempts, she has a heart of gold and is the one who convinces to Udonna to reach out to Nick. Her mother Niella was the gatekeeper, but she sacrificed her life to help seal the gate to the Underworld. Clare followed in her mother's footsteps and foiled Morticon's plan to release his army of Undead warriors on the surface world. She had a special Ancient Mystic mode known as the Shining Moon Warrior. She later took care of Dragon Heart when it hatched as if she was his mother. When Udonna went in search of her husband, Clare accompanied her until Hekatoid kidnapped Udonna. When the rangers were unable to help, Clare was joined by Phineas to rescue Udonna. On their way, they encountered Leelee who offered to help them by sneaking them into where Udonna was kept. Clare with their help was able to save her aunt. During the final battle, Mystic Mother made Clare a full sorceress. Clare and Snow Prince then came to the ranger's aid against the Master. At the end, her skills had excelled.

Toby Toby
Toby is the manager of the Rock Porium where the Rangers work. He is a bit eccentric and is always pushing for his employees to get their work done. While Toby might not seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, he's the first one to believe in his employees and is the only one that can figure out the puzzle that unlocks the Fire Heart. When things looked the worst, the rangers told him the truth but he didn't believe them initially until he saw them morph in front of him. He led the townspeople to use their magic to repower the rangers and defeat the Master. He later started dating Leelee's now human mother who he called Nikki.

Phineas Phineas
Phineas is a Troblin - a hybrid of a troll and a goblin. Due to this, he is not accepted by either species. He comes off as annoying, but often provides insight and has become a good ally to the Power Rangers. He later revealed to the rangers that he was the one who took baby Bowen to the human world. When Leelee helped Clare and Phineas get Udonna back, she was impressed by his fighting skills and they became an item. He also became an employee of Rock Porium, which initially lowered in costomers with his presence.

Leelee Leelee
Leelee was seemingly just a egocentric brat but she was also Necrolai's daughter. Fond of the human world, all Leelee really wanted was friends. For a time, she hung out in the underworld and tried fulfilling her mother's wishes. When Koragg took the five rangers to the underworld to take their legend powers, they found out Leelee's secret and felt betrayed. Leelee was not so thrilled in finding out she would be the next Queen of the Vampires. Feeling ignored and unloved by her mother, she got a job working at the Rock Porium which Toby felt he desperately needed seeing that his regular employees were always disappearing. It took time for the rangers to trust her again. She guided Clare and Phineas to where Udonna was held captive and returned her Snow Staff to her. When her mother became human, had a Troblin boyfriend and regained her friends, she was finally content.

Jenji Jenji
Jenji is a genie with a sense of humor. Long ago, he was banished from his homeland after King Rexigan casted a spell on his village convincing them that Jenji is evil. As a wondering nomad, Jenji comes across a treasure that traps him inside. He is rescued by Daggeron who transfers him into a magical lamp. He becomes Daggeron's partner and later becomes a great ally to the Power Rangers. He was last seen with Daggeron and Itassis in the rebuilding the village in the forest.

Fire Heart Fire Heart
The Fire Heart is the last dragon on Earth. Its egg was placed inside of a chest and sealed in a cave so that it could one day be unleashed. Thanks to Clare, the Fire Heart hatches and soon grows into his adult form. He became a crucial part of Nick exceling to his destiny as 'the Light' by combining into the Dragon Fire Ranger. In a world without the rangers, he belonged to Koragg.

Mystic Wizards Mystic Wizards
Years ago during the great battle between good and evil, five Mystic Wizards similar to the Power Rangers used their magic to fight against the dark forces. It was later revealed that they were trained by the Snow Prince. The Red Wizard, being the most powerful of them all - casted the spell, which sealed the evil Hidiacs. Their current wereabouts are unknown except for Leanbow.

Tribunal of Magic Tribunal of Magic
The Tribunal of Magic governs the entire world of magic with their laws. The tribunal represents good magic (white), dark magic (black), and neautral magic (red). When the Rangers lose their powers, they consult the Tribunal who originally turns them down. But after further consideration restore their powers and grant them the Legend Warrior powers.

Snow Prince Snow Prince
The mentor to the original Mystic Wizards, the Snow Prince came to the Mystic Force when he felt Daggeron had strayed from the path of knowledge. By his order, he had to follow Nick as the teacher for one day. This mystic came to the ranger's rescue by battling Megahorn and took him to his snow dimension. Unfortuantely the Legend Wariors and his combined powers were not enough in defeating Megahorn. In seeing Daggeron had learned his lesson in following his instincts and ultimately defeating Megahorn, Snow Prince returned home. When the Master attacked the Mystic Mother's palace, Snow Prince tried to convince her to evacuate but ended up being teleported to the Mystic Force. Snow Prince accompained Clare to explain that Mystic Mother had turned herself into energy. He helped in defeating the Master.

Mystic Mother Mystic Mother
Rite Repulsa had become the most powerful sorceress of good magic. Snow Prince tried to warn her when the Master was attacking her palace but she remained strong. Mystic Mother tried her strongest spell on the Master but it was no use. She teleported Snow Prince to warn the rangers. Before the Master could destroy her, Mystic Mother transformed herself into undestroyable energy. Unbeknownst to the Master, she promoted Clare to a full sorceress enabling her to help the Mystic Force. Mystic Mother continues to watch over those who serve all good magic.

Nikki Nikki
In reviving Leanbow and Daggeron, Necorali was seemingly done for. However, she became human. It could be assumed that such an act of goodness had shed her evil form. She later moved into a condo in the city with her daughter and was dating Toby.