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Dragonzord - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

To destroy the Power Rangers, the evil Green Ranger was given the Dragonzord by Rita Repulsa, which he could control by playing music on his Dragon Dagger. Once the spell over Green Ranger was broken, he and Dragonzord joined the Power Rangers. Dragonzord could combine with the other five Dinozords to form the Mega Dragonzord. The Dragonzord's tail had a drill on the tip, which he would swing around to attack opponents. It could also shoot missiles from its fingertips. Dragonzord formed the head and torso of the Mega Dragonzord in one mode, and its shoulder pads in another. Dragonzord now lays dormant on Earth.

Dragonzord Battlemode
The Green Ranger's Dragonzord could combine with the Mastodon, Sabretooth Tiger, and Triceratops to form the Mega Dragonzord known as Dragonzord Battlemode. The Dragonzord's chestplate and tail became a weapon for the Dragonzord: fighting mode, a staff with a drill on the end, which could deflect attacks as well as drill holes through monsters. In the fighting mode, Sabretooth Tiger and Triceratops each formed one of Mega Dragonzord's legs, Mastodon formed the arms, and Dragonzord formed the head and torso.

Mega Dragonzord
Dragonzord combines with the five main Dinozords to form the Mega Dragonzord by transforming into shoulder pads for the Megazord, which could fire blasts with the combined energy of all the Zords.