Maskman figures - Pink, Blue, Red, Yellow and Black; Each figure came with weapons and sold seperately.
Mask Red Set - Mask Red figure came with Great Five Robo.
Mask Pink Set - Mask Pink figure came with clip and watch.
Maskman Set - Mask Blue and Mask Red figures came with a badge, other items and miniature figures.


Masking Brace - Transformation device came with light and sound.
Laser Magnum - Metallic Laser Magnum came with belt buckle, belt, blade, badge and hostler.
Masky Blade, Masky Tonfas and Masky Ribbon Set - Set came with Masky Blade, Masky Tonfas and Masky Ribbon.
Jet Cannon - Came with backpack and shoot out projectile.
Mask Red Helmet - Child-size, like a bike helmet to role-play.
Mask Black Helmet - Child-size, like a bike helmet to role-play. Different than the Red one.
Sugata Racing Hat - Authentic replication of the blue hat.
Laser Magnum Set - Simplier version of Laser Magnum, clock, and paper projecticles and other items.


Spin Cruiser - Red's buggy came with five figures.
Mask Roaders - Black, Blue, Yellow and Pink's Bikes.


Deluxe Great Five - Six vehicles became the big robo with sword and other assessories.
Great Five - Smaller version of Great Five with sword.
Deluxe Galaxy Robo - Land Galaxy becomes Galaxy Robo.
Turbo Ranger - Carrier mecha.