JAKQ figures - Each figure sold seperately. Spade Ace, Dia Jack, Heart Queen, and Clover King. Each came with a capsule. Big One was a statuette that was released later.
Spade Machine - included Spade Ace figure.
Heart Buggy - included Heart Queen figure.
Mach Dia - included Dia Jack figure.
Auto Clover - included Clover King figure.
Jack Tank - Could fit figure in top, came with wheels and action features.
Sky Ace - Flying Fortress.
Spade Ace and Capsule - Spade Ace and transformation Capsule. Came with civilian figure.

2000 to Now

JAKQ Full-figure Set - Came with stands for feet.
Release: Unknown
Sentai Hero Series 15 Set - Figures avaliable, were released with Goranger and Battle Fever figures.
Release: Unknown