# Title Date
1Friends! Why Did You Do This!? 02/27/1988
2Three Powers Sworn to Life 03/05/1988
3Oblar's Devilish Transformation 03/12/1988
4Expose! The Dummymen 03/19/1988
5The Reckless Driving Engine Monster 03/26/1988
6Attack! The Living Dinosaur 04/02/1988
7Dinosaur VS Live Robo 04/09/1988
8The Duel of Love and Rage! 04/16/1988
9Smell the Feverish Rose! 04/23/1988
10Skateboard to Escape the Maze 04/30/1988
11The Man Who Bit a Zuno Beast 05/07/1988
12Super-Genius Ashura! 05/14/1988
13Burning Steel, Colon 05/21/1988
14Nabe-Man Yuusuke's Shouts 05/28/1988
15Deadly! Grim Reaper Gash 06/04/1988
16Love Letter 06/11/1988
17The Crying Doll! The Attacking Doll! 06/18/1988
18A Trap! Jou's Beloved Zuno Beast 06/25/1988
19Drudge Boy Oblar 07/02/1988
20Failing Oblar's Counterattack! 07/09/1988
21Listen, Gou!! Mother's Voice… 07/16/1988
22Enter the Space Karaoke Master 07/23/1988
23The 1-Second Comma That Risked Life 07/30/1988
24100 Points Taken Off for Playing!? 08/06/1988
25The 8 Zuno Beasts of Tsuruga Castle! 08/13/1988
26Aizu's Huge Rhinoceros Beetle! 08/20/1988
27Daughter!! The Giga Project Launches 08/27/1988
28The Gigantic Giga Volt's Challenge 09/03/1988
29The Vengeful Live Boxer 09/10/1988
30Five Warriors, Here and Now 09/17/1988
31Mama! The Parasitic Monster's Cries 09/24/1988
32Kemp, The Riddle of Blood and Roses 10/01/1988
33Do Your Best, Tetsu-chan Robot 10/15/1988
34Love That Runs through the Future and Present! 10/22/1988
35Yuusuke and Kemp's Promise!! 10/29/1988
36Crash! The Tackle of Friendship 11/05/1988
3716-Year-Old Kemp Fear Beast Transformation! 11/12/1988
38Mobile Weapon of Destruction Mazenda 11/19/1988
39Protect it! The Grain of Life from Space 11/26/1988
40Love!? Megumi and the Jewel Thief 12/03/1988
41The Invisible Man, Gou's Confession!! 12/10/1988
42Bias' Challenge From Space 12/17/1988
43A Mystery!? Guildos' Final Form 12/24/1988
44Butchy's Tearful Rampage!! 01/14/1989
45Ashura Reversal One Chance Game 01/21/1989
46Honorable Man, Arashi! The Final Battle 01/28/1989
47A 1000-Point Brain! Mazenda!! 02/04/1989
48Birth!! Boy King Bias! 02/11/1989
49The Fall of Great Professor Bias 02/18/1989