# Title Date
1Rescue Soldiers! Rise Up 02/21/1999
2The Psyma Family Tornado! 02/28/1999
3The Sibling Bond that Exploded 03/07/1999
4Flower Petals in Abnormal Weather 03/14/1999
5Time to Become a Hero 03/21/1999
6The Mold Cometh! 03/28/1999
7The Beautiful Psyma's Trap 04/04/1999
8Rescue Squadron Activity Suspended 04/11/1999
9Stolen Abilities! 04/18/1999
10Proud Yellow 04/25/1999
11The Two Red-Hot Psyma Beasts 05/02/1999
12The Do-or-Die Spirit of the New Coupling Fusion 05/09/1999
13The Younger Brothers' Rebellion 05/16/1999
14The Fearsome Virus 05/23/1999
15Child Demon Drop Appears 05/30/1999
16The Thief and the Psyma Egg 06/06/1999
17Matoi's Bridal Candidate 06/13/1999
18The Counterattacking V-Lancers 06/27/1999
19A Total Defeat 07/04/1999
20Undying Rescue Spirits 07/11/1999
21The New 6th Soldier! 07/18/1999
22The Dark King's Last Decisive Battle! 07/25/1999
23The Spirit Rescue Mission 08/01/1999
24Little Rescue Soldiers 08/08/1999
25The Time of the Great Witch's Descent 08/15/1999
26The Fiery Dragon Prince is Born 08/22/1999
27Yellow Leaves the Front 08/29/1999
28The Kidnapped Boy! 09/05/1999
29The Uneasy Starry Sky 09/12/1999
30Escape! The Planet of Darkness 09/19/1999
31Cut Down the Psyma Zone 09/26/1999
32Wedding Bells 10/03/1999
33An Innocent Psyma Warrior 10/10/1999
34Death, Else Destruction 10/17/1999
35The Black Snake's Trap 10/24/1999
36Secret Technique! The Tornado Drop 10/31/1999
37The Beauty is a Psyma Beast!? 11/07/1999
38The Infinity Chain, Grandchildren, and Persimmons 11/14/1999
39Break the Infinity Chain! 11/21/1999
400 Seconds To Base Destruction 11/28/1999
41The Man Matoi Lost To 12/05/1999
42The Hellish Psyma Beast Army 12/12/1999
43The Terrible Psyma Tree 12/19/1999
44Rescue File 99 12/26/1999
45The Year's First Dream is a Psyma's Melody 01/02/2000
46The Flame-Throwing Firefighter Robo 01/09/2000
47The Dark King! The Compensation of Revival 01/16/2000
48Showdown in the Psyma Palace 01/23/2000
49Awakening! Two Destructive Gods 01/30/2000
50Burning Rescue Spirits 02/06/2000

# Title Date
0Gogo V VS Gingaman 00/00/0000
0Gogo V: Sudden Shock! A New Warrior! 00/00/0000