# Title Date
1The Tailed-People Clan's Challenge 02/05/1983
2Warriors Who Chase Dreams 02/12/1983
3Bat Hell Flight 02/19/1983
4The Rumbling Fossil-Human 02/26/1983
5The Evolution Beast's Scary Dream 03/05/1983
6Fight to the Death! The Haunts of a Poisonous Snake 03/12/1983
7Operation Tokyo Sea of Fire 03/19/1983
8The Evil Peon Female Chimera 03/26/1983
9The Do-or-Die Bomb Race 04/02/1983
10The Intruder From Outer Space 04/09/1983
11The Day Fish Attack Humans 04/16/1983
12The Targeted Blood Bank 04/23/1983
13The Kidnapped Bride 04/30/1983
14Assault, Choroppo Soldier 05/07/1983
15Ninjutsu vs. Chimera Witchcraft 05/14/1983
16The Big Mt. Aso Explosion Operation 05/21/1983
17Fear! Kyushu Major Earthquake 05/28/1983
18The Big Tsunami That Attacks Tokyo 06/04/1983
19The Fuse is a Red Toxic Flower 06/11/1983
20Chase! The Amakusa Sun 06/18/1983
21Angry Hokuto's Deadly Sword 06/25/1983
22The Great Prank War 07/02/1983
23Operation Human Slug 07/09/1983
24The Dreadful Comet's Great Approach 07/16/1983
25The Mysterious Guffaw Hell 07/23/1983
26Intense Fighting! The Solar Lighthouse 07/30/1983
27The Sound of Death, Crickets Chirping 08/06/1983
28The Enemy is a Drudge Evolution Beast 08/13/1983
29Chimera's Cursed Clothes 08/20/1983
30Rescue the Doll-Human! 08/27/1983
31The Spy Tailed-Person's Trap 09/03/1983
32The Missing Power Gun 09/10/1983
33Unaccustomed to Red 09/17/1983
34Formidable Enemy! Mechavolution 09/24/1983
35Seeking a New Finishing Move 10/01/1983
36It Came Forth!! The Finishing Move 10/08/1983
37Female Shogun Zenobia 10/15/1983
38Rejuvenate! Genius Brain 10/22/1983
39Hold it! The Egg of the Tailed-People 10/29/1983
40Explosion! Silent Anger 11/05/1983
41The Bosozoku Who Disappeared in the Darkness 11/12/1983
42Challenge Dark Knight 11/19/1983
43Shima! You're Blue Lightning 11/26/1983
44Explosion! Magma Bomb 12/03/1983
45Mama is Zenobia? 12/10/1983
46The Saber That Runs Love Through 12/17/1983
47An Evil Wish, Ten Tails 12/24/1983
48Dr. Yumeno's Big Secret 01/07/1984
49The End of General Kar 01/14/1984
50The Revived Formidable Enemy 01/21/1984
51The Fight That Flew Through Tomorrow 01/28/1984

# Title Date
0Dynaman Movie 00/00/0000