# Title Date
1Take the Express to the Super Fortress 02/02/1980
2The Cannibalism Soap Bubbles 02/09/1980
3Oil Hell, Big Panic 02/16/1980
4Vader Demon Castle, Pursuit 02/23/1980
5The Red Poison Flower That Crawls up the Wall 03/01/1980
6A Girl's Demon Offshoot 03/08/1980
7The Great Tragedy of Denzistar 03/15/1980
8The Skeleton Town's Great Demon King 03/22/1980
9The Bizarre Telephone That Calls Death 03/29/1980
10I Love Witchcraft Cuisine!? 04/05/1980
11Chase the Life-Stealer 04/12/1980
12The Dangerous Child Spy 04/19/1980
13The Rainbow-Colored Balloon is Torn 04/26/1980
14Come to the 100-Point Cram School 05/03/1980
15An Invitation to the Garden of Evil 05/10/1980
16Smash the Hot Sea Conspiracy 05/17/1980
17Don't Cry! Baseball Novice 05/24/1980
18Romance Blooms at the Southern Sea 05/31/1980
19My Prince of the Stars 06/07/1980
20Gorilla Boy's Great Riot 06/14/1980
21Attack the Grim Reaper Faction 06/21/1980
22Super Time, Strange Experience 06/28/1980
23A Demon That Walks Above the Ceiling 07/05/1980
24The Man With the Mysterious Power to Affix Traps 07/12/1980
25The Tiger's Hole is an Escape Maze 07/19/1980
26Princess Denzi's Space Tune 07/26/1980
27Red Beetle Bomb 08/02/1980
28The Secret Butcher of the Cursed House 08/09/1980
29The ESPer Detective's Raid 08/16/1980
30Missing, Stolen, Gone 08/23/1980
31The Magician's Battle of Secret Arts 08/30/1980
32Hell's Great Shooting Battle 09/06/1980
33The Bloodsucking Instrument Lesson 09/13/1980
34The Sad Orphan's Tale 09/27/1980
35The Puzzling Weaver Princess 10/04/1980
36Poem of the Brave Puppy 10/11/1980
37Brute Force Omnipotent Devil King 10/18/1980
38The Infinite Demon Sky's Great Adventure 10/25/1980
39The Queen's Angry Apparition Art 11/01/1980
40The Champion's Enemy 11/08/1980
41The Greatest All-Out War in History 11/15/1980
42The Bad Dream That Ate Boys 11/22/1980
43The Puzzling Spectrum Lady 11/29/1980
44The Tale of the Strange Lamp 12/06/1980
45Princess Denzi was Two People 12/13/1980
46Starvation Hell X Plan 12/20/1980
47The Mermaid Who Disappeared in the Morning Sun 12/27/1980
48The Brute-Force Devil King's Rebellion 01/10/1981
49Vader Castle Big Disaster 01/17/1981
50The General Dies Twice 01/24/1981
51Resound, Bells of Hope! 01/31/1981

# Title Date
0Denjiman Movie 07/12/1980