# Title Date
1Assault!! Run to the Ballpark 02/03/1979
2Egos' Monster-Making Method 02/10/1979
3Search for the Spy! 02/17/1979
4It's a Super-Powered Trap! 02/24/1979
5Robot Big Dogfight 03/03/1979
6Launch the Multipurpose Battleship 03/10/1979
7The House Burns!! 03/17/1979
8The Riddle of the Strongarm Ace 03/24/1979
9The Woman from the Land of Ice 03/31/1979
10I Saw the Naumann Elephant 04/07/1979
11The Great Case of the Pet Kidnapping 04/14/1979
12The Cursed Killing Method, Rose Snowstorm 04/21/1979
13Golden Eggs and Sunny-Side-Up Eggs 04/28/1979
14Marriage of the Beauty and the Beast 05/05/1979
15Egos' Hellish Cooking 05/12/1979
16The Tragedy of the Unarmed-Combat Queen 05/19/1979
17Steal the Monster Machine 05/26/1979
18Hurry to the Dove's Nest of Evil 06/02/1979
19Just Bigger Than the World's Biggest Beauty!! 06/09/1979
20Hazardous Ghost Hunting 06/16/1979
21Assault the Dinosaur Peninsula!! 06/23/1979
22The Female Spy Team's Counterattack 06/30/1979
23Decisive Battle!! All Monsters Appear 07/07/1979
24Tears! Diane Falls 07/14/1979
25The Film Studio is a Strange Haunt 07/21/1979
26The Bandage Man's Masked Report 07/28/1979
27First Love, to a Thief's Soul, Official Business 08/04/1979
28Chase the Mysterious Boat 08/11/1979
29Did You See Her!? The Woman With the Torn Mouth 08/18/1979
30The Villainous, Omnivorous Head Chef 08/25/1979
31Violent Dash Truck Siblings 09/01/1979
32Hometown Homicide Village 09/08/1979
33Cossack Dies in Love 09/15/1979
34The Dark Shogun Who Laughs in Hell 09/22/1979
35Starving Big Panic 09/29/1979
36The Blown-Up Wedding 10/06/1979
37Lightning Sword vs. Pinwheel Sword 10/13/1979
38The Bizarre Party's Trap 10/20/1979
39The Friend Who Became a Demon 10/27/1979
40The Beautiful Teacher, in the Nick of Time 11/03/1979
41A Big Counterattack on the Verge of Explosion 11/10/1979
42The Fireworks of Electric Human Love 11/17/1979
43Assassin Jackal 11/24/1979
44The Moonlight Clan of Hell Valley 12/01/1979
45Five Minutes Before the Heart Stops! 12/08/1979
46The Cursed Straw Doll 12/15/1979
47A Mystery! Strategic Grass-Lot Baseball 12/22/1979
48The Big Thief and the Robber Boy 12/29/1979
49The Five Second Graders Rebel Army 01/05/1980
50The Demon Who Aims at the Shogun's Mask 01/12/1980
51Egos' Revival Ceremony 01/19/1980
52The Symphony of the Heroes 01/26/1980

# Title Date
1Battle Fever J Movie 00/00/0000